Computer Repair North Hollywood


    Cost effective Computer Repair North Hollywood by CRG.

    Affordable and effective computer repair North Hollywood. Take advantage of our North Hollywood computer services and never get stuck with slow and freezing computers. If the problem can’t fix your PC at your home or office we will bring it to our location for full diagnosis, fix it and bring it back to you with no extra charge.

    Computer Repair North Hollywood Services

    Some of the services that we offer in North Hollywood are:-

    • Desktop Computer Repair
    • Laptop Computer Repair
    • Onsite Computer Repair
    • Wireless Networking
    • Printer Setup
    • Computer Setup
    • Software Installation
    • Home Network Setup
    • Virus Removal
    • Email Setup
    • Operating System Install
    • Backup and Restore
    • Clean Your Computer
    • Make Computer Faster
    • Transfer Files to New Computer
    • Install Computer Hardware
    • Remote Support

    Computer Repair

    Whether we come to you or you come to our office with your desktop computer, the first thing we do is diagnose your computer for the issue. Sometimes you might think that you have problem with your hard disk, but actually it might be a virus and not a hardware issue. If that’s the case then why should you pay for a new hard disk and new operating system installation which will cost you more than just a virus removal?

    Once your PC is diagnosed we will know the exact problem and we will give you a flat rate for the fix.

    Our charge policy is “No Fix, No Pay” so you don’t worry that you will be charged for something that was not fixed.

    Laptop Repair

    In the event that your hard working portable PC requires repairs or support, we can give you and your laptop the full attention to guarantee your satisfaction. One of the major problems with laptops are broken screens and keyboards.

    We replace broken LCD screens, replace broken keyboards and more. Some of other laptop repair that we do are replace graphics cards and DC power jack, we also replace bad motherboards. If your laptop is has bad mother board and it’s not working at all, you don’t have to worry about your DATA we can back it up for you, if you haven’t done it yet, before we replace the motherboard or do anything else.

    Computer Networking

    Computer Repair North Hollywood by CRG also includes Computer Networking for businesses and many households, networking a group of computers and devices might be easy but it can also be problematic. Nowadays network security is a big issue and securing your wireless network is very important, to block outsiders from intruding into your personal files. Computer Repair North Hollywood  techs by CRG are of experts can evaluate your system and provide you with the security you need, as well as make sure that every device in your network communicates effectively with the rest.

     We believe in Clarity

    We work based on speed and clarity. Computer Repair North Hollywood will not keep you in the dark about what’s going wrong with your device, or even how long it will take to be fixed. When your computer is at our facility we will always inform you about anything new that must be done to it which was not discussed before hand, for example if new hardware is needed we will inform you what and how much, if we need more time because of complication we will inform you how much longer we will keep it.


    Give us a call today for any computing needs, whether it is a desktop computer or laptop computer you have, Computer Repair North Hollywood techs by CRG will be happy to assist you.