Hard Drive Data Recovery


    Our hard drive Data Recovery services are custom-designed to rapidly and completely resolve your specific needs.

    Everyone at some point who owns a computer will experience a drive failure. Many factors may cause drive failure, factors that may cause drive failure is HDD age or bad parts, the plates may be damaged or scratched and that may cause data loss, the aperture arm may fall and etc. If you can’t recover your data with software application, you’ll require to send that drive to have it restored or recovered by technicians.

    Whether your need for a hard drive data recovery solution is triggered by a loss of data; corrupted files; liquids or other contaminants; a hard drive crash; or unintentional formatted hard drive. In most cases the need to recover this information is a critical and time-sensitive one. At the point when your business and the forward movement of your objectives can’t wait for a lesser type of determination, our hard drive information recuperation administrations are the main answer for intense results.

    Recovery can be done on almost every kind of drive; USB Flash Drive Data Recovery, Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery, Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery, Raid Drive Data Recovery and much more. The size of the drive makes no difference, the DATA can typically be recovered regardless of the size.

    There are mainly two types of Data Recovery:-

    Logical Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Logical failures of hard drive is the result of corrupted data; virus infection, malware and other malicious software; software or program errors, lost partitions, accidental formatting of partition and unintentional formatting or even malicious deletion of data on the drive. Whatever the root problem is, inaccessible data through known means on hard drive, must be recovered using tools and assets applied by an expert data recovery specialist.

    Physical Hard Drive Data Recovery

    This method, physical hard drive data recovery, is used when the actual storage device has been damaged in some way: via direct or accumulated trauma; through tampering; botched repairs, or some other accidental or deliberate cause. In situations like this the data is generally preserved on the drive, but accessing it can be extremely difficult when the device is physically damaged. This type of data recovery requires technical skills and state-of-the-art equipment in order to successfully extract your valuable data.

    Situations when Data Recovery is needed

    • Hard drive head crash
    • Boot sector not recognized
    • Hard drive with burnt-out chips
    • Files or folders corrupted or missing
    • Corrupted or missing Master File Table
    • Damage to hard drive’s read/write heads
    • Damaged or missing file allocation table
    • BIOS not recognizing hard drive or other storage devices
    • Accidental, inadvertent or incorrectly formatted hard drive
    • Hard drive failed due to unprotected or mishandled power surge
    • Hard drive exposed to a liquid, such as water, coffee, battery leakage, condensation, flood, etc.

    Whatever the case may be, if you can not read or recover data from your disk, you will require to send the tough drive to Computer Repair Glendale to have the information recovered by our technicians.

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