Desktop Computer Repair


    If you have computer problem, it’s obvious that you need a Desktop Computer Repair tech. You need to call us when your desktop runs slow and your programs stop working. CRG Desktop Computer Repair tech can fix corrupted hard drives, infected machines, broken LCD screens, remove virus and much more. Computer Repair Glendale is your personal Swiss army knife for Desktop Computer Repair. We cover the whole of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and best of all we can fix most desktop computers with a single visit. Sometimes when the problem is software related, we may not even have to come to your home or business location. 90% software issues can be fixed remotely. So if you are having hardware problems and your computer is making beeping sounds or your screen keeps freezing, give us a call at (818) 660-0661. Our professionals will get you up and running smoothly again today.


    When you first bought your computer it was nice and it was running fast, but after couple of months your computer is slow and it is frustrating! Well it’s probably your hard disk is filled with old broken and you have broken permissions. Computer Repair Glendale’s desktop computer repair techs can fix all operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10), windows startup problems, windows boot problems, restoring your desktop computer or laptop computer to the speed it had when you first bought it.

    After restoring your computer to its original speed Computer Repair Glendale will setup an automatic maintenance scheduled, so your desktop computer will remain operating at its maximum capacity.


    Computer overheating is a sign that your computer cooling system / computer heat sink or the fans are not functioning properly. Or if your computer is beeping at startup these might be a sign that your computer motherboard is on its way out.

    If you hear any kind of weird noises coming from your commuter, specially clicking and whirring, you must shut down your computer and call Computer Repair Glendale immediately, so a desktop computer repair tech will come and take care of your PC problem immediately.


    Surfing the internet without a proper antivirus on your computer is dangerous. It is easy for your computer to get infected with malware. Random freezing of your computer or your desktop is often signs of computer infected with malware, which a software that installs itself as the result of visiting infected websites or using the internet with insufficient security measures.

    You should call CRG’s Desktop Computer Repair tech to take care of the problem. The more you delay like problems the worst it can get. We will diagnose the issue and clean your computer malware or any kind of infection.


    Like malware pop up ads are common problem on desktop computers without a proper antivirus or online security software. We can remove all this annoying pop ups and install one of the latest Internet Security software, to avoid the problem in the future.

    We don’t sell antivirus software, but we will recommend you the best around and install it for you and we can set your computer up so it automatically updates and cleans your hard drive.


    Computer software problems are common too, but the good news about it is that 90% of the time software issues can be dealt remotely and we set up a custom tailored maintenance routine for your needs to ensure your computer stays healthy after we fix it.

    CRG’s desktop computer repair tech is experienced in software and network that work under windows operating system. A desktop computer repair tech can update your windows operating system so it will function the way it’s supposed to; you don’t have to give up on your computer until you have spoken to CRG’s tech.


    Setting up a router or a modem is not that hard, but sometimes internet connection problems or WiFi connection problems can be caused by your router o modem. Often it happens to be a problem with ISP (Internet Service Provider) or even from your computer’s own hardware!
    The channel that your router or modem uses to transmit your internet or broadband signals might sometimes be the problem. But these are all things that can be fixed by Computer Repair Glendale.

    Don’t panic, just give us a call at (818) 660-0661 and we will have you up and running in matter of no time.

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