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    Computer Repair Glendale suggests common signs that your computer is infected with a virus and you need a Virus Removal Specialist.

    If you think you have a virus, reading this can help you verify if you need our Virus Removal or Spyware Removal service.

    Is your computer infected with Virus?

    Below you will find common signs that your Computer might be infected. Any of these issues may turn into a big problem and you might lose DATA (family pics music documents, etc.) just call us at (818) 660-0661. We can repair your Computer and remove all viruses before it is too late!


    Spyware’s purpose is to market products and services thru your Computer or Laptop. It is invasive just like Malware, but it is not self replicating like malware is. The ambition of spyware is to invade your PC for commercial gain. Spyware Removal is one of the hardest challenges that Computer users face due to the difficult tactics that spyware uses to penetrate your system.


    Internet is the most common place a computer can be infected with Malware. A computer with Malware usually bother the user with some sort of ads or pop-ups and the user end up installing programs they believed would help to eliminate the problem. The malware always camouflage their destructive code in toolbars, anti-virus software, and other software that deceives the user. Often users have no clue their PC has been infected by malware. Computer will not function properly, until the malware has been removed completely. The purpose of malware is to modify your Computer’s registry, and destroy your PC’s  or Laptop’s overall performance. We always check our clients computer for Malware and it is most important in any computer clean up process.


    A Trojan horse, or Trojan, in computing is any malicious computer program which misrepresents itself as useful, routine, or interesting in order to persuade a victim to install it. The term is derived from the Ancient Greek story of the wooden horse that was used to help Greek troops invade the city of Troy by stealth. When a PC is infected with Trojan, the hackers can control that user’s Computer in almost all aspects. They can delete or add any type of files, data, use your webcam, view the screen, get private data sensitive to the user – passwords, security codes, financial information. Trojans are delivered via email or through some sort of internet scam, if you are not sure of the link do not click.


    A browser hijacker is a type of malware designed to change your browser’s settings. A browser hijacker changes your web browser’s home page and default search provider to a different one without your permission. The Hijack gets into the registry and it completely ruins your ability to surf the web without problems. Most common signs are change of browser home page without your consent and install toolbars that are usually bundled with certain free programs that you normally download and install.

    Browser hijacks may disallow access to anti-virus websites. They can run scripts through pop up ads that request permission to launch a program. Once the program is installed, the hijack will infiltrate your PC’s registry and ruin your browser settings. Your Antivirus programs wil not be able able to catch browser Hijacks. Internet Explorer is very vulnerable to these hijacks than modern browsers, like Chrome and Firefox.


    Computer freezing or slow computer occurs when a computer user is using multiple programs simultaneously and the computer does not have acceptable memory to hold many programs instantaneously. PC freeze happens once a computer fully ceases to perform and could be a additional serious indicator that your computer is also infected with some style of spyware, virus, or it wants of a tune up. Fairly often computer can freeze or slow down because of some type of spyware, malware, Trojan, or any kind of virus. If you wish virus removal, spyware removal, malware removal or any form of computer repair, computer repair Glendale Techs will facilitate you promptly.


    Internet connection problems, cable connection or WiFi, occurs when your connection is not as fast as it should be. Some type of browser Hijack can impact your internet connection. When the Hijack issue is fixed, browsing will recover to normal normal speeds. Sometimes Internet connection problems are due to simple configuration settings, which can be changed from your computer’s network control panel.


    If your computer is booting slow, this can be associated with how computer shuts down. Many times a users won’t shut down their PC completely or properly and this results in a slow boot up. This could be repaired by rebooting properly. Never boot your computer when you have open programs running. Shut down all applications and restarting from the start menu is the proper way of doing. Issues with booting are because of overall system failure and should be analyzed by a computer guru.


    Spyware, Malware, Rogueware and alternative harmful computer software or apps usually stop from uninstalling or installing programs. This may be done from the control panel, however when you are unable to access it, then it becomes tough to get rid of those programs.

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